When looking into buying a home, people don’t always think of external things like the sewer system, how it’s draining, or if there are any cracks in the piping. However, having a septic inspection is not only beneficial to you as a homeowner, but also helps to avoid bigger problems later. Grey Owl can use our sewer scope camera on your lines to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here’s some reasons why you should get your lines checked.

Older Homes – If your house was built in the mid 90’s or earlier then your sewer line was probably made out of concrete. If it’s even older, then the material is clay. Both materials can erode from the steady use, causing cracks to form without your knowledge.

Split drainage pipe
Septic Tank Outlet Filter Removal

Newer Homes – Newer homes can have just as many issues as the older homes, but they’re often overlooked because of how recently they’re built. After the mid 90’s, sewer lines were made out of ABS or PVC plastic, depending on the area. These plastics are very durable, but cracks do happen and can expand quickly if it’s not fixed promptly.

Don’t Trust Word-of-Mouth – The real estate agent or homeowner, you’re buying from, might talk you out of a sewer scope. It could just be for cost reasons, but if the house is older than 10 years, a sewer scope should be performed. If you’ve already purchased your home, then set up an appointment for your own peace of mind.

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