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At Grey Owl Property Inspections, we provide visual mold inspection at no additional charge with the purchase of our full home buyer inspection. If further action is required, we offer mold testing services that are sent to a Lab for testing.

  1. Our first focus during the visual mold assessment is to find areas of concern (AOCs). This assessment will inform the home buyer (and seller) of AOCs in the house that have either contributed to mold growth or can create an environment for mold in the future. We document issues such as bad grading, poor ventilation, below-grade walls, and of course leaks or other moisture sources.
  2. If justified, our home inspectors are all certified to perform full mold testing with results from a local, accredited lab.
  3. Keep in mind that if we do find mold, the vast majority of mold is very isolated and requires only a small amount of work to clean up. However, the average mold repair costs between $1,500 – $7,500. This can be a powerful negotiating tool for home buyers and their real estate agents. Consequently, as a buyer, you want to find out about mold during your inspection period, not after you move in.

Our inspectors have always prioritized finding moisture in the houses we inspect. That’s why our home inspectors are equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras and electronic moisture meters. The most common moisture problems come from excessive irrigation, plumbing leaks, and roof leaks. But we have found significant moisture problems from ponds against the house, poorly finished showers, and lack of fresh air exchange. For more information about mold, see the EPA’s website. Link to this: https://www.epa.gov/mold




When a client authorizes us to proceed with mold testing, we begin the following process.

  1. An experienced professional will inspect the entire house to find any areas that may be contributing to a potential mold issue. Our home inspectors are all certified to perform these inspections. They are also equipped better than most “mold inspectors” who simply perform a brief visual inspection. Our inspectors have seen it all and know where to look for moisture. The physical evaluation is a critical step in determining if a house has a mold problem.
  2. We prepare the house for testing and set up the equipment to collect air and/or physical samples. We recommend the minimum number of air samples we think are required to get the results you need, as dictated by the Standards of Practice.
  3. The samples are then prepared along with the chain of custody forms and delivered or shipped to the lab. This is a time-consuming process which assures the most accurate results possible, but we strive for a 24-48 hour turn-around.
  4. Charges for samples will be billed at the time of the inspection with the client’s prior approval regarding the number of samples. The client will be consulted and will have the final say as to how many additional samples will be taken If needed. Please see our pricing page. Link goes to this:

1)      Specific mold Inspection: Evidence of mold in a specific area, visual observation, air samples (Recommend 3 samples: one outside as a baseline, two interior)


  • Lab testing and lab report 315.00


  • Additional air, or surface sample 85.00


2)      General mold inspection: Possibility of mold in an unidentified area, general property assessment, visual observations, air samples (Recommend 3 samples: one outside as a baseline, two interior)


  • Lab testing and lab report 415.00


  • Additional air or surface sample 85.00