When you’re buying or selling a house an inspection is always needed to ensure the house is a safe environment for your family or the next family moving in. If you’re buying a house that has a pool, finding the right home inspector, who includes pool and spa inspections is best. At Grey Owl Property Inspections, we provide a thorough safety inspection of your pool or spa. This is what we inspect for when it comes to homes with pools. Why A Pool Inspection Is Necessary 1 General Safety - A pool can be dangerous if it’s not looked after properly. The pool inspector should be up to date with what is code in the local area. They should be able to tell you if you need to upgrade your filters, heaters, fences with their safety locks, etc. Why A Pool Inspection Is Necessary 2Physical Conditions - The pool’s interior is typically made with a material that can wear down over time. The pool inspector will need to look for things like cracks in the walls of pool or checking the grout of the decorative tiles. If there is any internal leakage, without an inspection that crack could escalate to something much more costly. Why A Pool Inspection Is Necessary 3 Equipment - Pools need additional equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and so much more. If one of these devices malfunction, it could create a domino effect on other parts of your pool. Having a proper inspector look for any possible detrimental safety problems is your best bet at keeping your pool swim ready for everyone. Why A Pool Inspection Is Necessary 4
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