There is more involved with a commercial inspection than there is with a residential inspection. Commercial buildings deal with a lot more foot traffic than a typical residence. The owner needs to make sure everything is up to code, and a safe environment for its employees and patrons. Check out our list of what an inspector will look for when it comes to your business inspection:

The Basics – Inspectors have a basic checklist they need to go through. The structure of the building needs to be stable. The heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs to work properly, as does the plumbing. Basically, anything to make the people inside as comfortable and safe as possible is checked.

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The Add-Ons – Some parts of the inspections are more involved. You’ll need to have a Fire Safety inspection to check all of the fire alarms and sprinkler system. An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessment will be required to verify your building is accessible to everyone. There are inspections for asbestos, air quality, and radon, and much more. Your inspector will inform you of what add-ons you need based on your area, and the type of building your own.

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When TEAM is Needed – TEAM stands for Technical Experts and Management. This is a group of specialists that support the inspector. A TEAM is needed with Elevator Inspections, Fire Protection Inspections, Electrical Inspections, and more. Talk to your Inspector to see what your building requires.

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