FLIR or Forward Looking Infrared, although trendy with home inspectors all over, does have limitations in paradise. FLIR is a camera that gives you a photo of temperature differences. That’s it. It is not a camera that allows an inspector to see through walls or look into the future. It is simply a verification tool. A well trained inspector will see the signs of moisture issues or electrical heating issues without the use of a FLIR. In Hawaii, where houses are generally not sealed, heating systems are non-existent and AC systems are few and far between, the use of FLIR is limited. The temp difference from outside to inside is seldom drastic. However, Grey Owl Inspections does utilize FLIR as a verification tool and complementary for all inspections. FLIR can show us how hot a breaker and at times show a recent leak that might not be visible. The attached photos show a overheating breaker and a recent shower leak that was under the carpet.


Is FLIR helpful for Hawaii home inspectors? Maybe 1 Is FLIR helpful for Hawaii home inspectors? Maybe 2