As you have probably seen, home inspectors have all kinds of deals to attract your attention and business. However, home inspectors who have been around over 5 years are generally the ones who have made it or at least doing something right. Generally, those who have made it are basically the same, look at the same things, make the same recommendations and have the same background, experience and certifications. So, as a consumer, it comes down to price – how much am I willing to pay? I can say that simply finding the cheapest home inspector is either a inspector who is new to this industry ( under 5 years) or has been doing unprofessional or sloppy work and forced to undercut those companies who have been conducting quality home inspections. I would caution consumers in choosing the cheapest option. Like most things, you get what you pay for. This could be the largest investment you and your family are likely to make, don’t trust it to the cheapest option. 

Determining the right price for a home inspector? 1