As a home inspector, one of the most common issues we see are double taps in the electrical panel. What is a double tap? A double tapped breaker occurs when two conductors are found connected under one circuit breaker lug or when two conductors are connected at the neutral bar under one screw. The problem with a double tapped breaker is that circuit breakers aren’t designed to hold these two conductors together.

When it’s NOT a defect: Double tapped wiring is ok if the circuit breaker is designed for two conductors. …

The only manufacturers that make circuit breakers that are designed to hold two conductors are Square D and Cutler Hammer… but not all of their circuit breakers can be double tapped. The good news, although double taps are a common defect, they are easy to repair costing around 100 dollars using a qualified electrician.

Can you spot the double tap in this photo?
Double taps 1