From the attic to the crawlspace, we inspect the whole home and property.

We inspect all of the following major systems and components so you are fully educated on the condition of the residence or commercial property before you make one of the biggest purchases of your life.

Structure: foundation, framing, walls, sill plate, landscape swale, crawlspace, attic, siding, lanais, exterior finishes, exterior fixtures and outlets, windows, doors, and garage door.

Roof: eaves, gutters, downspouts, vents, and vent stacks

Plumbing: water heater, visible piping throughout the property, street meter, toilets, showers and tubs, and interior and exterior faucets.


Cooling and heating: A/C unit and lines, ducting and balancing, furnace, and stoves.

Interior and insulation: windows, doors, walls and wall insulation, floors, drywall, attic space and insulation, and finishes.

Electrical: Outlets, light fixtures, switches, main panel, and service entrance conductors.

Pests: visual inspection for pests including birds, rats, mice, and termites.

Mold and dry rot: visual inspection for presence of mold and dry rot.

Appliances: dishwasher, range, range hood, refrigerator, waste disposal, washer, dryer, and microwave.


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Services available ala carte upon request


We evaluate safety concerns such as fencing, gates, electrical systems, pool and deck surface condition, and coping. We check the condition of pumps, filters, piping, heaters, and controls. Finally, we check the water quality for PH, chlorine, bromine, calcium, and cyanic acid.


We conduct a full property infrared scan to verify moisture intrusions and verify how insulated and sealed your home is. Infrared technology creates a picture based on temperature variations that come from moisture or insulation deficiencies.

We run the serial numbers of all major appliances to check for any active manufacturer recalls.

We conduct commercial property inspections, including residential and business properties.

Committed to providing the best home inspection services on Oahu, Hawaii.